Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Best Services Of psd to html

Most of the time customers are not aware about the concept of psd to html. Actually whenever they convert your designs to high quality, cross browser compatible, valid xhtml and css markup, then that process is known as psd to html. There are two types of packages we provide for both website and email template needs. First one is pro package in which we offer W3C Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional table-less markup + optimized shorthand CSS, and is for website. Another one is Hi-End Package, and is meant for email template requirements. The second package offers highest level W3C Valid markup availability, and table-less XHTML 1.0 Strict with SEO Semantic Coding + optimized shorthand CSS. Not only this special attention given for the completion of Presentational Separation and Load Speed optimization. 

Our professional teams convert psd to html with guarantee, and 100% customer satisfaction. Our main motto remains customer satisfaction, and striving for excellence on each and every order. Our services of psd 2 html are quite compatible with IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and others. Our staff is best known for converting your design like psd, png, AI, etc. into hand coded, pixel perfect and standards compliant xhtml and css. We convert psd to html using different coding methods. In cross-Browser compatibility our coding supports all kinds of latest and advanced browsers such as Internet Explorer 7+ Firefox 2+ Opera 9+ Safari 2.0.4, and then comes the search engine optimized HTML that enables the search engines to find and understand the content of the website. 

In fast loading, markup and images are optimized which results into fast loading and bandwidth saving pages, and resizable fonts meaning texts can be resized, especially in all popular browsers including internet explorer, and that is also without breaking the layout. All these factors are taken into consideration during the conversion of psd to html service. Our staff is widely popular for quick response and flawless delivery whatever size of the project given by the customer.